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Internet Providers - Other Places

No matter where you live, you need the best internet provider! So for the majority of you who live in other places, (which might be most of you) fear not! Let's see of we can't find you a good home internet provider! As a starting point, most cable TV companies and telephone companies also offer some sort of internet. You may wish to start by asking them what plans they offer, the download speeds and upload speeds of those plans, and any limit on data or if they are unlimited data. Write down the information, as if not, it all seems to keep track of. Don't be in a hurry to make a decision, take your time and make a well informed decision based on both your needs and your budget.

You might ask yourself, who offers the best internet in my area? Well, that depends. What are your home internet needs? The best home internet for you is the internet plan that best fits your needs, and secondly is the best price. Don't pay for more internet than you need, and don't pay more for that amount of internet than you need to. I know this is easier said than done, but these principles should guide you, no matter where you live. 😃

Many people buy larger home internet plans than they actually need. For example to stream Netflix, one can often get by with a lower speed plan. That said if you want to do video conferencing then you may need a much bigger home internet plan. If you are a serious gamer then you may need an internet plan which is on the faster side of things. Also pay attention to both the upload and the download speeds on each plan when shopping (or comparing home internet plans and home internet providers), as many plans are advertised by their download speeds, as that is what most people need for streaming. Video conferencing and serious gaming may also need more upload speed than just streaming. If in doubt, start with a lower speed, less expensive plan, then if you need to you can usually upgrade later on to a faster speed internet plan (might still be a good idea to ask about that with the home internet provider you want to go with before placing your order.)

No matter where you live, you need good home internet. Take the time to research your options, and make the best possible choice. Having to change internet providers later on can be disruptive, so it is best to make the best choice the first time around, if you are able to at the time!

Internet Providers USA

Some of the largest internet service providers in the USA include Spectrum as well as AT&T, not to mention Xfinity. For a longer list of American internet providers, and some comparison information on each, please see our Home page. Be sure to compare before buying.

Internet Providers UK

Some of the largest broadband providers in the UK (or broadband if you prefer) are BT, and Sky. Be sure to compare them both. It addition, it is highly advisable to check for smaller British home internet competitors or resellers, who may be hungry enough to offer you a better deal!

Internet Providers Canada

If you live in Canada, then please see our Canada website, for a range of well priced internet plans which vary by region, etc. Availability of plans may vary by address, and might not be available at every address. There are both large and small competitors. Our larger competitors in Canada include Rogers, Videotron, Bell, Cogeco, TekSavvy, and Eastlink.

Internet Providers Australia

If you live 'down under', in Australia, you certainly do have options. Dodo, with a quirky name, is an internet provider in Australia rolling out to 6 million homes, over time. Other Australian internet providers include: