About The Urban Internet Company (Outside Canada)
The Urban Internet Company
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About The Urban Internet Company (Outside Canada)

Welcome to The Urban Internet Company (outside Canada site). The Urban Internet Company considers itself to be an internet service provider (in Canada), and a very good internet provider at that! If you live in Canada, then you may wish to vist our The Urban Internet Company Internet Availability by Postal Code Canada website. We are passionate abour Urban Internet, which is why those two words are in our company name! A note about the slogan on our logo. In Canada our home internet plans are available in most urban areas, (the situation is somewhat different in the USA due to differences in government regulation, which results in most large American internet providers cable networks not yet being available to us at this time), but our advice is 'insider advice' from an actual internet service provider to you the consumer, and that expert advice on this website is free, as a public service, that is the content value of this website. Additional relevant information can be found on the Legal page of this site.

All that said, as this is our 'outside Canada' site, let us try to help you find a good internet provider in your area (outside Canada), so if for example you live in the USA, maybe you will find this site to be helpful! When you think of all things internet, please think of The Urban Internet Company!


You may be wondering what is the history of The Urban Internet Company's 'outside Canada' website? Well to be honest we initially bought the domain name to ensure we can control of it, to protect the brand of The Urban Internet Company's Canadian website which ends in '.ca' as opposed to the usual '.com', but that in and of itself does not make for a very interesting and high content value website, so we had to take things a few steps further just to make them interesting! We have been adding more unique useful content to this website to make it educational. We aim to help people to find the best internet service provider in their area for their needs! ☺ Including people living all over the USA. God bless America!